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What We Do

“I am able to make Dentures so like natural teeth by individually handcrafting each tooth. I then set them in a wax base for you to try, so I can be sure you’re happy and that all measurements are correct before the finished Dentures are fitted. I’ve built my reputation on this level of attention to detail and personal service.”
Rob Gosling ClinDenTech RCS (Eng)

“Implants are one of the most researched and exciting areas of dentistry, lying at the cutting edge, where dentistry meets surgery. Fitting them is now relatively straightforward and usually only takes about an hour. They can make a huge difference to a Patient’s life and that’s what makes my job special. It is great to team up with Rob – even I am amazed at how natural-looking he makes the teeth for my Implants.”
Dr Grant McAree BDS (Dundee) BSc Hons

The patented Palette system … bringing artistry to making dentures

We exclusively use the Palette advanced denture system, designed and patented by Rob Gosling himself. It is the closest we can get to the function, performance and appearance of natural teeth.

This state-of-the-art system combines the best in technology, technique and materials to provide what we believe to be the most comfortable and natural-looking denture you can buy.

Each tooth is handcrafted and placed precisely in the most natural position, which has the added potential of helping to restore any loss of facial contours, either through the natural ageing process and/or through the progressive loss of natural teeth over time.

We are the only practice to offer the Palette system and, to our knowledge, the only place this side of Harley Street to offer this kind of system. But you don’t have to pay Harley Street prices here in Devon!

Dentures made on-site by us for a truly personal service

We have our own on-site, fully-equipped dental laboratory in Exmouth. Your Dentures will be made by us, especially for you, not mass-produced or made in a dental lab miles away. Rob is one of only around 100 Clinical Dental Technicians in the country qualified to fit, not simply make, Dentures. This means we can oversee all clinical and technical work and offer you a truly personalised service from start to finish.

Fitting the Implants is a quick procedure and can be done at the surgery

The good news is, you don’t need to go to hospital – nowadays, Implants are so simple to fit, we can carry out the procedure in our own surgery in Topsham, near Exeter. It only takes about 1 hour on average, although the exact time will depend on the complexity of the case. And you’ll be in safe hands, as Dr Grant McAree has placed many Dental Implants over time and holds a Post-Graduate qualification in Implants, gained through the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute.

Implant-Retained Dentures to suit you …

We can provide a complete rehabilitation – upper and lower Implant Dentures. Some patients opt to have just the lower Denture retained, as it’s more prone to work loose and be painful. In such cases, we can provide a lower Implant-Retained Denture and an upper Denture to fit the new lower Denture, which can be adjusted at a later date if you then decide you want upper Implants as well.